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Tattoos are what they call an “art stamped in your body.” Most people would love to have one as a sign of remembrance or actual value for themselves. But what if things changed and you want to get them removed?

Would it leave a scar or blister? Would it ruin your skin? If you’re planning to get your tattoos removed, a treatment called laser tattoo removal. It’s guaranteed safe and can help you get rid of the tattoo in your body. 

But first, let’s get to know something more about Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal 

We get it. It’s a bit bothersome to get your tattoo removed after being so excited. However, there’s always confusion and worry about scarring. People always have questions about its result and the risk involved in the condition. What’s about this Laser Tattoo Removal? 

How Does it Work?

Generally, laser tattoo removal uses high-intensity pulses of laser light to point the tattoo pigment. It directs energy at the ink in your tattoo for a fraction of a second. The laser energy passes through the outer layer of your skin, targeting the tattoo ink directly. 

The laser fragments ink into smaller components, allowing your body to flush and naturally process the ink. In a nutshell, here’s how it works

  • Laser-targeting the pigment using light
  • The body flushes the ink out naturally
  • As more tattoo pigments are out, the lighter the tattoo will be. 
  • Tattoo gets removed completely.

Number of Treatments 

You will need to take multiple treatments for your tattoo to get removed. Also, removal depends on the color of the ink, the tattoo’s location, and the tattoo’s age. The overall quality of the tattoo will also matter upon the laser tattoo removal. 

Does It Hurt?

Usual questions and queries come with knowing how painful a procedure may be. With laser tattoo removal, pain varies in every individual. Tattoo removal treatments are generally uncomfortable, but you can tolerate them. However, most patients would say it feels like a hot rubber band snapping against your skin. 

So to minimize the pain, Ice is put on the treatment area to ease your discomfort. While on treatment, there may be a device that your physician will use to make the treatment as comfortable as possible.

Periods For The Next Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment

It would be best to get the subsequent treatment for six weeks to get the best results. EC Medical Group’s laser fragment inks your tattoo to help your body’s immune system finish the removal process. And mind you, this part will take time.

If your tattoo gets exposed to laser treatments repeatedly, there can be a risk of discoloration and scarring increases. You wouldn’t want these factors to happen rather than to remove your tattoo in a smooth process. 

Removing Tattoo For a Cover-up

Yes, it is possible. But only if you have a good healthcare provider in your back. Typically, suitable lasers lighten your tattoo to have it covered. Or to remove a detail of a tattoo you like to keep. 

The Misconception About Laser Tattoo Removal 

Laser tattoo removal treatments are not the same. On account of shortage within the industry, there may be practitioners who are not fully aware of how to perform it. Any treatment made using a medical-grade laser holds a risk of scarring. 

But if done correctly by a professional and expert technician, the risk is minimal with the suitable machine and training. Sometimes getting a tattoo alone may cause you scarring. But this factor will only be visible once your tattoo gets removed. In this stage, treatment like skin needling or laser treatment can be an option to treat scarring. 

So, the real question is: Does it leave a scar? 

Does it leave a Scar?

It’s very unusual for a patient to have a scar from a laser tattoo removal. That’s when proper protocols and patient aftercare gets pursued. Side effects of tattoo removal may only happen if the skin already has irregularities.

Most patients don’t recognize that the scarring left after the treatment is leftover from when the tattoo artist initially applied the tattoo. 

Essential Points Before Considering a Tattoo Removal

It might be scarier to have it removed, like getting your first tattoo. Aside from the possible risk, there can be underlying conditions that might surprise you along the way. So here’s a list of things you can consider before going through laser tattoo removal. 

  • Remember that laser tattoo removal treatment will not cause you a scar if things are done correctly. 
  • There can be no safe side effects if an expert practitioner performs the treatment and correct methods are followed. 
  • Laser tattoo removal treatment varies depending on the number of treatments required. It also depends on the time based on several factors. Ink particles get eliminated from your body through the lymphatic system. With this factor, specific lifestyle factors can help you remove your tattoo faster. If you exercise and drink more water, you can achieve your goal. 
  • The best laser available in the industry is the MedLite Q-Switched Nd: YAG laser. It is the gold standard for multi-colored tattoo removal. 
  • If you have the previous scarring before your tattoo, it can fade with other laser treatments or skin needling. 
  • Other tattoo removal methods like scrubbing, creams, and cryosurgery are unsafe and must be avoided.

Bottom Line

When done right, laser tattoo removal can be successful, as you think of. Providers like EC Medical Group can help you with your tattoo concerns. The first step is to consult with your doctor, have a one-on-one consultation with your doctor, and see how things can work. 

In this phase, you can discuss all the possible risks before undergoing the treatment. Your doctor may also ask you if you have had any previous medical conditions. Book your appointment or contact your trusted provider to get your tattoo removed today.

Get in touch with your physician so they can look through your needs and guide you most safely. After all, your safety is the top priority of all. Good luck on your tattoo removal journey! 


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